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This is a short no nonsense video about my experiences and how I first joined blogger and Tumblr to create a regular blog. With this in mind I later joined Ad-sense to cut and paste advertising code to my blog as a way of making money. Following that I have now been able to monetize my youtube account.

use the following blog website to obtain a personnel web site.

Then go to to register your website for advertisements
once you have been given the green light cut and paste advertisement code to your blog some blog web sights are easier then others. I prefer blogger to add html code.

While tumbler is harder to understand because the HTML code doesn't off the beginner much of a clue on how to arrange the advertisement banner.
However I found it best to put the code closest to the words "HEAD" and "BODY" which is situated somewhere in the middle of the entire HTML code of the blog.
I claim not to be an expert but, really offer my experiences to those of you who are interested. Perhaps people who can programe your own code use a similar method in obtaining monetizasion.

This is a How to video for DVD studio pro, this tutorial is for those of you,
who just need a "Play All" link and other buttons to play individual Clips on their dvd.
I am using a wedding DVD as an example. The process of compressing to DVD format is not included or transferring from final cut editor. I assume all media files are already made and its a process of programming the links and buttons...

This is a quick film of me unpacking and testing a 8mm film reel I brought from online auction it contains the Iconic Perl and Dean opening titles

I wrote a classical hybrid tune to a Drum&bass soundtrack
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