Thursday, 31 May 2012


My life is plagued with wires to hook things up, I am either connecting the TV to the video box or something else to the screen. Usually its the Iphone with is 101 different uses that bugs me. The cost leads weather its new ear phones or usb leads and data connections to the computer, I get bugged out on the fact I have to replace the leads. I mean the cost of Iphone products is expensive enough but now you have expensive leads too, it all adds up.
Rumours or Apple to hire a connector design engineer makes me think maybe the 30 pin Dock connector will be replaced. My personnel view's on the lead is that it can be cumbersome and the reliability can be an issue when they use those thin leads which after so many times of charging a O.S. data uploading. The metal wire be come fatigued and break.
It wasn't a long while when the technology of inducing a coil and a electromagnetic Field was a cool alternative to wireless charging. Instead of a lead you can lay your phone on the charging mat and induced EM field to the charging coil which connect to your phone like some protective cover. In the same realm as a Tesla coil you can induce electromagnetic waves to power your phone. Though with a Tesla coil it was demonstration of powering up the voltage to the same levels of natural lightening.

As power is concerned it would be terrific for wireless charging, but data might be a different. But who can say?, I thought a cool way is to use infra red or even a low power laser could offer a similar wireless fibre optic experience to the data to transfer.

But people like to speculate even me and the fact that rumours have been circulating around for ages doesn't mean any action is going to happen soon. I hope they don't introduce the mag safe like connector into the equation. as 30 pins to a phone would be potentially a cleaning nightmare.  The lint and the dust alone would easily attach to the 30 connectors and possibly corrupt data flow.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Predicting trends is a difficult thing to do, mathematically speaking there are many factors if you want to find the outcome of any race. Weather its technology or an actual horse race, there are many details you have to study and see the running history of. Prediction is like most things, its done to prepare for the future.

I'd want know if my weekend is gonna be rained out before I go camping, or to see if that gorgeous woman is really smiling at me before I pull out my best chat-up line and get a reaction.
Things are in a permanent Schrodingers cat like condition before you get to see the outcome. That's why marketeers love statistics and pie charts and predictions.

I am not suggestion to pull out a pie chart to win favours from a hot girl at the local dance and drink. I tried that and got the opposite reaction for all my efforts in power point presentation. Instead learn from history and predict the future.

One trend I been looking at recently is to predicted the future of smart Phone Applications, by seeing the download history. Its fair to say that things are  declining.  Since April the  Fiksu, Inc have reported a 4.9% drop from 6.79 million downloads to 4.23 million. What does this mean?, well a dramatic drop like that usually spells doom in my book, but news that Apple have a more strict policy on bots and automatic downloading.
Making it difficult for App developers to boost their ranking in the charts by relying on real figures for downloads.
The numbers are still going down and cant really say for sure the use of bots by developers have corrupted the download charts. But from my own perspective, I think the hundreds of apps I look at I hardly use a few at a time. Maybe Apps are like little toys and that when we use them we soon get bored and leave them alone on our increasingly growing home screen filled with more useless Apps. A photography app with ability to twitter or face book your ugly face to a bunch of  people you hardly know about. Except for typing Happy birthday every year and the odd like to their silly gibbering status.

I like to think when I update my status or post things out, there is an army of people looking at how ridicules the whole thing is. Expensive app like a gps or Sling box seemed good at the time but how often do I load that up to watch TV or find the route to the city?. I have to say I am reducing my app intake, maybe its the summer and I don't want to play a silly game on the phone. The screen cant be seen in broad daylight anyway. In fact I go virtual window shopping with my EBay app and dont have the need to walk aimlessly to the shops.
I hope the download charts are reflecting on the fact apps are not really that interesting in the long term and it's really a 5 minuet distraction. The reduction of downloads might continue to a slow trickle and that there wont be a need for phone app developers. I hope someday I can just use my phone for calls and alerts. but till then, it is a great way to spend your time hanging around waiting in a que for the next FAD or TREND...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

CRAZY PEOPLE, its free street theatre

I dare you to be crazy!!!, no really throw a tantrum and do a great big fat song and dance of complaining in public with a side order of  crazy aimless mud-slinging and racist abuse. It seems every now and again you get to witness some weird incident of a  self proclaimed prophet, to stand on his/ her soap box and announce the injustice to the world. The unexpectant soapbox lecture should be, confined to speakers corner at Hyde park in London. With a bit of luck this would mean globally speaking all the crazies would just start their lectures there.

OK its nice to immediately win a argument and move on, but with the way society is going. we don't seem to get it our way all the time. I was once passing a people wagon in a dual carriage way and thought nothing from it. I was over taking in the fast lane and despite his indicator I carried on because I had the right of way. 
But the guy seemed to determined to follow me several corners and at a traffic light would get out and tell me that he was a police officer. Long story short, he wanted to lecture me on the joys of driving when it was not the proper time or place in the middle of the road.

All crazy people would like to explain things according to their world, its like they want the fame and recognition. But to me it's no more crazy to give attention to the vagina monologues that is their public meltdown.
Apparently its like the 18th century, when people would just pay a penny to peer into the cells of Bedlam. They would laugh and view the freaks at Bethlem on their funny antics. Entrance was free on the first Tuesday of the month.

Nowadays its more sophisticated, they have TV shows dedicated for these people. Though in England the new Big brother format is far too commercialised and extremely edited to be of any amusement.

But back to the street theatre and soapbox lectures, it's a democratic right to say what ever verbal glitches to the open public. Carried along the freedom of speech act which, frankly has been strained by neo Nazis and Westboro baptise church members. I like to think, these outburst serve a purpose of venting out negative energy and thus prevent some murderous outcome. In the meantime its once in a blue moon that we get free admission to view the cells of Bethlem hospital. I say just go with it, it would mean free street theatre and if that doesn't help. Then use your phone to record the incident and send it to you tube share your weird moments with everyone...
By the way that crazy woman got caught and was arrested...

Monday, 28 May 2012


Nice to see a head mounted display, can now allow you to view the outside world but still keep data right in front of you. Need to have a augmented reality Application linked to it and a way to turn on and off certain functions while on the move...

THE FUTURE OF ENTERTAINMENT, or just watching your shows a different way

My mind turns to entertainment in this time of year. As a kid I was bored in the summer time as TV seems to less  interesting. It still stands today, as most TV shows have some sort of break in the summer. Unless you are from England and your shows from America and the local TV station just releases your shows though their perfectly timed scheduling. I hate those delays because it feels that I was given hand me down clothes from my brother. I guess this kind of global distribution is hard to do.

To send video out on a global scale and still find a way to Monetize the show to earn money. Oh wait You tube does that. As a person who likes to make small shows I don't claim to be a big TV company, but I appreciate the business model of a video website.

OK for most people its hard to make time for people to plan they life around TV shows. You have to make sure you don't miss that point in time. Until, that is the video recorder or now a TIVO or hard drive TV recorder replace the hard work of being on time.

But even now with the crazy live of a modern person in this day and age, its better to squeeze entertainment on the go. its cool to commute to work and have time to watch a comedy on your phone or tablet. To read a Ebook while waiting at the doctors, or have 20 minuets on your lunch break to beat your score on angry birds.

The old way of just waiting for something in a long Que is agonisingly cruel sometimes, tempers get flared up. Everything is exacerbated by the room temperature which usually rises when there is a large group of people. I actually see the bottle neck and ask myself, why cant I plan around this?.

I digress, the main topic of entertainment and all its forms seems to be changing. I hardly have a lads night of action films and junk food. Or actually sit down to a full night watching Television. My attention span has gone down to a few minuets before I start thinking things in my head and drown out the boring moment I am having.

I actually prefer short TV shows of 45 minuets, then to watch a long film. I even have to mentally prepare myself to endure a long 2 hr movie at the cinema. Considering that I have a bladder of a small child and the thirst of a man in a dessert. Meanwhile my friend has the opposite, a Camel like endurance to hold urine while hardly drinking a few drops. By the way I am not suggesting toilet seats at the cinema where you can consume as much as you like and still go.
That would be wrong and most likely to be unhealthy, (though I am strangely warming to the idea).

I am thinking as a viewer its actually better to have my shows on places like you tube Netflix and other online video services. I can just be entertained while waiting for a bus or a doctor or something. Have the show go out in one distribution of the Internet then wait for the local TV to buy the viewing rights and watch it a few months down the line. Even now there are film makers making good quality webisodes pushing out to You-tube with adverts to help with the bills.
video bloggers with a amusing way to talk about the news are making enough to start up a company and just deliver a 5 minuet entertainment show. Granted a Five minuet show doesn't sound appealing at first but we are creatures of habit and that a quick show would be cool to watch at work.

In the future as we are heading down that way, things seem to evolve into bite sized entertainment of 5 minuets half hour or 45 min's and maybe a long film in-between. The question is how are we going to see it?. There was much hype about virtual reality glasses whereby you see information on screen like a heads-up display for fighter pilots. The reality of google glasses was not at good as the fantasy.
But my rule of, "If its in the minds of people, there will be a good chance it will gather up steam to become a reality".
This this still stands and with the help of inventions like Leap motion technology of hand gestures to control programs like Applications on a touch screen.

Tiny projectors to give eye-wear a heads-up display.
Things can be made to appear that a smart phone would one day be jacked into a persons glasses for entertainment. As crazy as that might be, it might give rise to pedestrians bumping into other people. This Mister Ma-goo factor will make walking a night mare, its already is sometimes when people are texting and walking.


Sunday, 27 May 2012

The ENVIRONMENT, my sunday afternoon thought of the day

Ok its sunny in dear old England and the fact that there is a ray of sunshine in the seven circle of hell, in my part of town. I have to consider that maybe global warming isn't that bad, for this sunday afternoon.
Its a kind of buy now pay later deal to see the few selection of photons today. With all these pure light rays I have to consider that mother natures one arm bandit is cashing out some coins, before I might have to empty out my money cup.
In other words I should just enjoy the sun while I can. Meanwhile I don't see any reason to have prolonged exposure to the sun. That and allergies, its a wonder why I even bother.

But wait the environment is sort of important, I been hearing some kind of constant ringing in my ears in a form a doom saying and environmental lectures form Al Gore, various news on the BBC and radio. So what doe this mean?, We are all going to Hell in a little yellow bus and should live our lives in the cites of Sodom and Gomorrah. Not really, besides I don't think I want to live in a world where I cant sit down.
And having fun all the time is too exhausting. Rather a balanced life knowing what you should do and basic common sense.
Its hard to make environmental changes when you know you got more effort to do. A low paid job sucks the life force out of you, and then you got to wheel out the recycle bins!!!.
I do alright when I can but so long I still have some energy to do it. Saying all that and then you get people who would like to make all the hard decisions for you.

Consider an Idea of inducing a substance place inside meat to eventually force you to become a vegetarian.
If Matthew Liao, a professor of philosophy and bioethics at New York University, had his way.
He wrote an article about the consumption of meat and the environmental implications it entails.
Apparently Cows eat grass but recently they are been fed grain.
Ok cows fart and so does most living things, but its getting to be a petty thing to add up every item on the bill
In professor Liao's point of view, it would be good that pharmaceutical companies develop drugs to induce nausea when people eat beef or pork products. If humans was micromanaged to be environmentally friendly, things would look up.
Considering that the news article seems to be putting on the scary pants and saying things in the extreme scale of this premise. I have to say if its in the mind of someone then there is a likely hood it might be gathering momentum to become actually real.
In the extreme scenario the article goes on to say genetically altering humans can give rise to the idea of a master race in the image of Neitzche's superman or Hitlers Lebensborn.

Either way it comes down to some kind of "things are better on the other side of the fence" philosophy.
Weather I got better shoes then you I might make a faster runner or better D.N.A.

I like the story that all the huffing and puffing, the big bad national socialist party would try to goose step their way into the house of fun. Jesse Owens would disprove their thinly veiled racist / scientific theories.

I always thought the Aryan race was probably a pretty looking race, but if you add in physical strength and intelligence factors. They are the lamest group of humans.
I have this star-trek Borg idea that the best of someone like intelligence from one race and longevity of another with beauty and strength can't come from one group. Its a daft idea of Genetic Socialism, but its a dam site better then looking like a paistey albino or the Milky bar kid...

Friday, 25 May 2012

STUPID IPHONE CASES, ugly designs and lame visual jokes

Phone cases serve a two functions. they have to protect the electronics from being damage from drops and general clumsiness as well as scratches from  keys, coins and other metal objects from your pocket. I had situations where by I was tucking my phone in mid conversation, and I miss the opening and watched in that dramatic slow motion where my phone would drop to the floor.

Most phone cases in cheap stores don't claim to be drop proof from a height of 1 meter, but the big think ones seem to handle such a task. I think my preference are the leather bound wallet designs because they encase the entire phone screen included which helps.

In cases which the ground is not even or stony floor, I can believe a night mare situation where the screen just looks like it been clawed by wolverine, because of so many scratches.

The second function for some unknown reason is its looks. People are attracted to pretty things, weather its a nice car or a beautiful lady. Take Apple in the beginning when all personnel computers looked like white boxes that was only used for logic, things was dull and boring. Now that Apple started to make things shiny and pretty. Things have gone along way for the computer company in sale figures.
A new way of looking at things have made it nice enough for the designer to come out like insects from a garden stone to sprout out and put novel designs on things.
It reminds me of the stupid tee shirt craze when half amusing slogans or jokes was placed on tee shirts to make the wearer a comedian. I think I drew the line when swear words and phrases with sick sexual undertones began seeping in public places. Instead I would try to print my own and have a nice quadratic equation on my tee-shirt.
Even a simple math proof can look pretty to me or am I alone in this statement?.

Anyway customization seems like the driving force for so many designs these days how we like novel designs because it is different to everyone else's. But like the slogan tee-shirts I have seen some real ugly designs for Iphone cases. Here is my list.

This entire typewrite has a useful function of a old fashion keyboard, shame its bulky and stupid looking when you add a Ipad to it, its mixing old and new in a bad way.

A carbonite steve wosniak indeed having a personalised version of this would just make you more of a star-wars nerd then ever. I am not sure waving this in your ear in places other then a comic con convention would give positive impressions

 OK I can see potentially with the violent and trigger happy police of today, there might be some misunderstanding with this gun shaped phone case. Take this out very slowly with the full knowledge that most people are not gonna have the same sick humour as you.
 A novelty case such as this broken skate board is quite useless unless you are a skater and that you have big pockets to hold the extra plastic that surrounds this unique item.
 Hmmm retro idea same lame joke that your phone might look like a communications device back in the late eighties
 For you alcoholics you can now use your phone as a bottle opener with added potential water damage because the fizzy beer will soak your phone, in the name of showing off...
 Real ugly sick murder horror idea for you who want to celebrate Halloween. And then be inconvenienced for the rest of the year if you choose to carry on with this joke. With a hand popping out your pockets.
 I don't mind this design its just that the face sticks out so far from the phone. And if you was to have this in your pocket you would look ridicules away. Or extremely horny with this unknown erect thing in your pockets.
 I thought it might be a good novel thing but really a reusable drawing pad on the back of your phone. Don't they have a APP for that already.
 Bring a knuckle duster phone case into a knife fight and see where it might take you. I am thinking that you are going to need another phone and some stitches...
Real stupid phone case may act like a phone stand but who want this bulky thing in your pocket. And to pull it out to show off and be the pervert that people think you are.

I think Ill just stick with my leather wallet case though some how I do like those arm band versions for joggers. Only I am no jogger and I thought it might look good as a arm wrist phone. I can this for emails and web page functions, more then as a phone. It kind of looks as if I want to live out my fantasy of having a PIP boy 3000 on my wrist.

But thinking about it , this thing has to be many things a small computer.
A calender, a watch or stopwatch, a news paper or information gatherer. As well as a phone.
Dressing it up like a little dolly is not my thing, if anything else I would like to have a secure device that will protect it from drops and prevent it from being lost. (when I walk away from it in a drunken night out with the boys)
If some one can invent something like that then I'll be interested...

Thursday, 24 May 2012

IRON SKY is suppose to be out this monday, Im curious about this internet spawned film about Narzis from the Moon

JIM PARSONS and the Big Bang theory super fans

Apparently people are googling Jim parsons information. I have to admit I haven't really heard of him before Big Bang theory. I think he was in a film called "Garden state" before and probably a struggling actor even before that.
But when fame strikes someone its like a lucky roll on the dice or something like that. Anyway its trendy to be a nerd or portray one in a situation comedy. I guess it the common situation that the underdog or someone that's relatable can sometimes win, makes Big Bang theory a hit.
I just like the science comedy, and how you can hook up theoretical physics with old innuendos and sometimes toilet humor. Jim parsons seems to pull off the lovable crazy whizz kid, with his obsessive compulsiveness and limited social interactions. A behavior that can lead people to believe that they know a guy exactly like that person.

Its geeks like me, that tend to blur the realms of reality by trying to find where on the google map the apartment building in Pasadena, the cheese cake factory or university. I gave up on the first Hurdle as I was looking for the large love heart shape on top of the building. As shown in the last episidoe

Anyway people are looking into the lives of these actors like for instance, How Jim parsons has come out of the closet and said he is Gay. While I hear Johnny Galecki did date kaley Cuoco for two years before they broke off the secret romance.
All these things filters in like osmosis to people like me who are fans but if not given a reality check will most likely to become super-fans.

All things come to an end and for me I move on with out looking back, I don't want to imagine what I'd belike if I have to deal with the likes of sci fi hits such as Star-gate, Battlestar Galactica or Eureka all closing down with nothing but real life to deal with.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

LEAP MOTION, use your hands as the computer mouse

Look out here is some future tech coming your way, possibly mimicking the fantasy tech from the film Minority Report. If every piece of film tech was to be made real, it would just clutter the patent office with lots of stupid ideas. Anyway imagine holding out your arms to swipe at a file or to scroll on a piece of text. Imagine doing this for hours on end and thinking you are tome cruise. Now imagine hours later your arms are tired and drained of blood because you are holding your am out unnaturally for a long time.

I can just about remember playing on my wii controller, that if I slouched on the sofa and prop my pillows under my arms, I can play a decent game of tennis. Maybe I can do the same for Leap motion gadget. swipe files control alt delete my angry hand gestures to the screen. Or even watch porn with a special interactive feature. With all of these thing in mind it can turn your computer into some sort of crime fighting tool to capture murderers or it can be another dark tool for the lonely guy who can exercise his arms until he looks like Popeye.

Ok the original hand gestures was a cool tool to zoom maps and web pages for your Iphone. But now I am thinking its getting quite ridiculous. It can map every finger for movement. I am actually thinking can we get a full body map, I want to make a avatar and skype someone with my false digital body. Or maybe we can just make second life, that much better and immersive with a virtual reality helmet and full body map. Either way using a xbox kinect style games becomes tiresome after a while. With the exception of being spiderman or a star-wars character, things are looking to be more interactive because of this Leap Motion device.

If I have to have this system, could I just limit it to designers and video editors?. Yes a Tony stark type C.A.D. system where I can see in 3D my design as I am grabbing it and zooming in and working out the glitches.
Or when I am marking in and out points for a film clips and scrubbing along the time line to find a transition point. I really like to see this gadget used for professional purposes. If only for the geeks and nerds to have arms of a body builder...

Mean while in the land of 2D

I am taking a break from 3D, I got other things to worry about then compatibility issues like paying bills on time or the fact I have to "pant the fence" this month its not a Danny Larusso euphemism, it's simply that I have to weather proof the wooden fence around the garden and do a few other chores while the sun is shining. I am also turn my mind to filming normal stuff in 2d like the fact I could try my style of music video (this time in HD) on my own music besides filming The invisible operators.

Lately people have been filming them selves while sing cover songs or even original stuff and I have been neglecting to have ago. Ok I probably scare little children away with my face. But if I don't look directly into the camera and give my medusa smile into the already strained lens. I might pull off a semi reasonable performance. Trouble with a stationary camera, is that it looks boring and I am wondering how to boost a good video into something better.
I guess I need a friend to help with my shots. if I was to ask him to walk around the subject with a camera stabilizer and have smooth images. Personally i love those sweeping shots when a cameraman just glides his camera. These traveling shots and movements along with a stationary camera is the bread a butter tools, a music video uses to at least make the song interesting.

I like to over indulge these shots with saturated color and keying out certain areas to have many images mixed together. I really enjoyed editing The invisible operators with a carbonizer and other effects. I wanted to get a unique take of the stage performance. The fact that anyone in a spot light need to captivate the audience and that the performer has to express themselves to make it look interesting for the audience.

On film I allow two images to blend in and out of the attention of the viewer makes it interesting. along with saturated colors and a cartoon like quality I hope it wasn't too flashy for anyone who looks at it. Anyway I wouldn't say I found a winning formula but I like to think some images I done might give me some sort of respect.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The 3D question of format compatibility

Lately I posed the question.

Hi do you know if the latest final cut pro can import the new AVCHD 2.0 files or MVC files???Basically If I am thinking about buying a Sony HDR-TD10 which records dual 1920 x1080 side by side picture 3D  format, people are saying it cant be done. But that was last year I am wondering if there are any changes or rumors for changes to accommodate 3D???.

It would seem that it's early days for 3D HD, I posted this question on Apples web forum hoping I might get a answer in a few days. Mean while looking at another forms I noticed someone says that Sony vegas 11 has been able to import the Sony HDR TD10 or the JVC everio GSTD1    3D video files. I just wonder if I can still use final cut or Just move on to vegas
This forum says sony vegas can use the new 3D video formats for editing.
But it puts a question, what will happen to to the Video editors who Don't have the ability to import MVC or AVCHD 2.0 3D files?. I would like to think I can get a update from Apple because I have a all in one package, from camera to the editor and effects to sound and later to DVD. I can't believe the new formats hasn't persuaded the software engineers to make the changes, since the introduction of 3D camcorders at CES in 2011.
Mean while if I don't get an answer to  my question I will have to be forced to buy sony vegas and try to send it to Final cut for titles and effects or DVD. Crazy as that might seem, it's like changing cars mid way on a regular journey to work. With that in mind I'd rather walk....

Monday, 21 May 2012

3D Camcorders on the verge of buying one but which do I choose?

Ok its camcorder upgrade time. Why ??. Well my old one was brought from a place in America quite cheaply as a holiday present and so it is a NTSC version. Its slightly inconvenient when I choose to watch the playback on an old TV(England uses PAL). And it uses the Digital Video tapes which can fail if not clean properly. So I am buy DV cleaning tapes to sort out the picture quality, a extra cost which I really hate doing.
Another thing the noise of the tape machine can be overheard when I am recording in a quite room. Another factor which tips the scale, for me to choose another camera.

So what to choose?, I like to think my old laptop can handle standard definition quite well. My mac book pro dual core with 4 gig ram can just about do cartoon renders on my short you tube clips.
But I am ambitious to try High Definition on it. Granted it might have a hissy fit on the 1020p data but if all else fails My 4 core game computer can come and take over. I got a copy or premiere elements which will edit it in some way.

But why by HD when you can go 3D, I like the Blue ray DVD's and I love the 3d gaming. (played Battle field 2 in 3D). I had a go earlier on with a Aiptek camera and thought its a cool concept. But I realized quickly the hardware isn't good enough as the action in front of the camera was too much for the camera to capture. i.e. it would strobe during quick panning movements.
But times moved on and now since the CES of 2011, there have been a couple of major contenders.

Sony HDR-TD10 3D A nice little two eyed machine that kind of looks and weights almost a  half bag of sugar The footage looks gorgeous, it doesn't strobe and it can be immersive when looking at landscapes. I am not sure if the youtube clips give it justice as I think the clips might have been compressed compared to raw data straight off the camera.

Also if looking at moving camera shoots, I got a little dizzy and thought I'll give my eyes a rest.
Anyway the play pack of the youtube clip is pretty good,  If I was to film weddings or music gigs with this it would be visually great. I have a camera stabilizer and the machine it self has a reasonably good electronic stabilizer too. So if I was to buy it, I can assume the camera movements would be almost professional quality.

JVC Everio GS-TD1BEK 3D Full HD Looks like a case to put your binoculars in. Its black high tech only a mother could love Darth vaders lunch box, could be said to be the same specs as the Sony camera. Weighing the same half bag of sugar the machine footage is ok. I seem to think its slightly dull then the sony and there might be slight strobing on the JVC.

Bear in mind that when I looked at both youtube clips, I watched then on firefox browser with silverlight 3D software add on and Nvidia 3d vision Hardware ( with stupid glasses, as well as my own optical ones), so I can see in full glory of 3D films and youtube 3D clips.

There are cheap alternatives like the sony 3D bloggie and the Veiwsonic VC3D2 3D, a Aiptek 3D ih3 camcorder or even a Panasonic camera (I am a 2d camera but I'll put this attachment on and convert to 3d). A seem nice camera but don't have the good quality of 3d as the Sony or JVC.

I could go the old school route of recording two HD recorders like Go pro and get good quality footage. This is good for action stuff, it would mean I have to get 3d toolbox to put together the two images and have a side by side format. The side by side format would then be compatible to my system a 3D tv or most 3D systems.

I guess I would like one of the two main 3D camcorders, but none of then have any spec of the capture rate or frames per second. Would love to film things in Slow mo like golf shots or cool artistic time manipulation shots. The sony has I believe another version in the form of HDR-TD20 it's just smaller and has a G.P.S.
Sure light weight machines are convenient but the price tag of £1300 is a bit much.

The main question now is, how can I input the camera footage to Final cut pro?. The JVC and Sony outputs to MVC or AVCHD formats. There seems to be difficulty to transfer these formats to Final cut or even my Adobe Premiere elements. I could do a search for MVC to avi converters which seem a slightly cheaper option then to buy Sony vegas pro video editor 10 which is about £450 on ebay(Sony vegas seems to be compatible with MVC or AVCHD format). Its seems with my budget cuts I might have to rethink my options about 3D