Tuesday, 29 May 2012

CRAZY PEOPLE, its free street theatre

I dare you to be crazy!!!, no really throw a tantrum and do a great big fat song and dance of complaining in public with a side order of  crazy aimless mud-slinging and racist abuse. It seems every now and again you get to witness some weird incident of a  self proclaimed prophet, to stand on his/ her soap box and announce the injustice to the world. The unexpectant soapbox lecture should be, confined to speakers corner at Hyde park in London. With a bit of luck this would mean globally speaking all the crazies would just start their lectures there.

OK its nice to immediately win a argument and move on, but with the way society is going. we don't seem to get it our way all the time. I was once passing a people wagon in a dual carriage way and thought nothing from it. I was over taking in the fast lane and despite his indicator I carried on because I had the right of way. 
But the guy seemed to determined to follow me several corners and at a traffic light would get out and tell me that he was a police officer. Long story short, he wanted to lecture me on the joys of driving when it was not the proper time or place in the middle of the road.

All crazy people would like to explain things according to their world, its like they want the fame and recognition. But to me it's no more crazy to give attention to the vagina monologues that is their public meltdown.
Apparently its like the 18th century, when people would just pay a penny to peer into the cells of Bedlam. They would laugh and view the freaks at Bethlem on their funny antics. Entrance was free on the first Tuesday of the month.

Nowadays its more sophisticated, they have TV shows dedicated for these people. Though in England the new Big brother format is far too commercialised and extremely edited to be of any amusement.

But back to the street theatre and soapbox lectures, it's a democratic right to say what ever verbal glitches to the open public. Carried along the freedom of speech act which, frankly has been strained by neo Nazis and Westboro baptise church members. I like to think, these outburst serve a purpose of venting out negative energy and thus prevent some murderous outcome. In the meantime its once in a blue moon that we get free admission to view the cells of Bethlem hospital. I say just go with it, it would mean free street theatre and if that doesn't help. Then use your phone to record the incident and send it to you tube share your weird moments with everyone...
By the way that crazy woman got caught and was arrested...

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