Saturday, 5 May 2012

Money Making Experiment via the internet

Its been A long time since I wrote something, I had to write since I got a spare night to my self. Considering that now I am filling up my time with music promotions and video edit projects, I promised to help with a friends you-tube channel.
Crazy guy wants to do a comedy sketches and blue screen the lot on a budget and have some sort of theme to it all. Hopefully I can get to try out some Special FX, I learnt while twiddling my thumbs in-between work and chores.

The only thing is these people don't have a regular time schedule, for these things so its a grey area if its regular work let alone if its gonna happen at all. I just smile and agree to help as with most people who say things,

I can't say for sure that projects with people who smoke large amounts of pot can be productive people. Anyway I digress and move on to my own project.

I have just about finished a wedding DVD for a cousin and that's taken about a year to do. Yes I know what you are thinking. What took so long???,

I really can't say for sure but I had projects to do, a sick father to attend and changing a job /career to suffer. All that is in the past, I now got a new lease of life and started to get the passion for video editing.

Mainly because I like to blog about it and for the fact that this new place is a out-let to show off my talents. Oh yes and that I might be collecting revenue from my you-tube account ( unless they keep stopping me, based them keep asking to provide the commercial rights of each and every video I send to them ( see the Invisible operators video on you-tube with no adverts)

I might be making money on this blog site too but its really early days. So instead I am gonna write about it and find out later even document it here or you-tube to say my money making scheme worked or not... There has got to be more to life then to find regular work in a soul destroying job.

Anyway this will be a experiment. plus I can get to look after my sick father in the process. ok

  • step one is to establish youtube for monetization and blog. This Blogger seems to do it for free. it has its advantages and disadvantages like it can be used for Ad-sense but it can't be used to add audio tracks, but allows video (why would it do that???) 

Its friendly-ish by the fact its simple to use and now I found a App or Application for I can be on the move and fill in content via picture or text.

  • Step two write or film /edit content which means I have to use up my brain on the things I learnt to do.
I meaning I recently learned how to fix a toilet ( don't, ask!!!) and I could of blogged my experiences about it it might actually help people in a similar situation, but then again it might be more useless crap on you tube Blogger.

The thing is who knows? I video blogged about 3D in computers and that shot up in viewing traffic, only I could never put adverts on my other you-tube account...
Anyway this two STEP approach of say stuff on my mind might be popular or not, its all an experiment. Along with this music career and adding to ITunes business. I like to think there's money in this kind of nonsense even though I really don't know....

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