Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sunny day and the garden centre

Its seemed like a reasonably sunny day and that I had time so  took my parents out to the garden centre. Dad seemed cooped up in the house so it was good to get him out only I took the wheel chair too. Funny thing I wasn't gonna do any thing except maybe go and play a few rounds of battlefield 3.

But it ended up with me excited about growing your fruit and veg. Pack of 4 for a fiver  or large pots for 12 quid or something like that. I wanted to get the strawberries but its more practical to buy the beans and other vegetables. The other thing was I had in the back of my mind to weather proof the fence and make sure it last longer. I  got a 5 liter tub for 9 quid. The que to the tile was short but the woman on one of the tills was chatting away with a customer and the only till working was painfully slow. I was more tired due to lack of sleep which helped me to wait. I swear this zombie state of mind makes me more numb with waiting and tolerant of others then if I was fully awake.

Anyway I have to do some garden stuff soon but it was late in the day so thankfully I will leave the fence painting till later. A message from my friend via steam message said Ron Howard was in the area with olivia wilde and the guy who played Thor. But I wasn't really bothered I mean the last time that happened it was for the Davinci code. But he also mentioned that he will go to the nearby large mall which might be worth going, as I need to check prices for a new mac pro. Seems like I caught the bug for upgrading to HD.

I would love to get a 4 core mac with max spec and a 3D camcorder Sony HDR-TD10 which might give my you tube clips a new lease of life. Anyway I digress and conclude that this day was a lovely day.

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