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Parkinson's Disease, Cures causes and marihuana

This subject is close to me it involves a family member and the fact is that because its personnel I'll try to keep the drama to a minimum. Looking into the horrible Parkinson's disease, I found it to be a degenerative disease. it attacks the central nervous system. The central nervous system is basically the wiring that controls and senses the arms and legs of a human. The reason are unknown but it starts with the death if the subtantia nigra, located in the mid brain. This section of the brain plays an important part in the reward addiction and movement.
In wiring the brain to do most things it gives itself a reward. In the case study of students. Participants with the higher levels of Dopamine were able to perform much better on learning tasks.

Parkinson's syndrome is a idiopathic having no known cause, though in most cases it would seem to be genetic in origin. Many risk and protective factor have been investigated, the clearest evidence is for a certain pesticides. And a reduce risk for people who smoke tobacco.

The pathology of the disease is characterized by the accumulation of soluble protein with unknown function into inclusions called lewy bodies in neurons, and form insufficient formation of dopamine. Lewy Bodies are the abnormal aggregates of protein that develop inside nerve cells in Parkinson's disease. It would suggest that the anatomical distribution of Lewy bodies is often related to the degree of the clinical symptoms for each individual.

Treatments are effective at managing early motor symptoms of the disease, mainly the use of Levodpa. Levodpa is a dopamine agonists which basically a signaling agent to produce more dopamine, which is suppose to return dopamine levels to normal for movement. Dopamine can not be administered to the blood stream like any other drug, as the blood brain barrier prevents this type of transference.
typical side effects for Levodba hypotension if dosage is too high. irregular heat beat though it is uncommon.
Nausea which can be reduced by taking with food, though protein interferes with drug absorption. Hair-loss disorientation and confusion, extreme emotional states, particularly anxiety. Vivid dreams and insomnia, auditory and visional hallucinations, it may effect working memory while impairing other complex functions. the person will have a strong desire to sleep or is prone to narcolepsy.

 There has been research of stem cells as a cure for reversing the effect of Parkinson's disease. Personally I might thinking it might be a hoax as the mid brain are is very hard to get to. One company is attempting to grow a culture of brain cells from someone with this disease in order of finding chemicals to reduce the symptoms. There have been chinese cures that said to reduce and maybe even halt the progress of the disease. While some people use cannabis as a way to reduced the symptoms of shaking hands and legs that come with the disease.
As I see it the certain cells in the mid brain starts to die and cause the slow movement or even shaking symptoms in Parkinson's. I like to think if these cells are choking and dying out, then why not  apply certain vitamins or supplements to reduce this type of disease. I have been watching someone I care for go from a strong independent person into a weak child like personality. It gets harder as I really didn't know until recently the mechanics that causes this disease. Of course I am skeptic about the new age cures like herbal medicines and using cannabis as a treatment. I'll have to do more research into cures but from now on I'll try to see from the other side of the person with Parkinson's.



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