Saturday, 14 July 2012

Marijuana, the health issues that won't go away

There was a time when I thought the same as my student friends having fun talking about conspiracy theories and blaming things other then my own responsibility. I guess in my youth I like to play it fast and loose and have liberal ideas on recreational drugs. I don't mind people who do take it or not, but heaven help me if I criticize my friends who do. Giving the old speech "I can handle it", "I can stop when ever I want to" and sure enough they do but only when they are facing periods of poverty. I still have friends approaching 40 and yet they are acting like the fabulous furry freak brothers. I wonder of marijuana is worth all the hype? considering the health risks the stupid behavior and even the munches that come with it. My initial response now is to throw away all the recreational drug, as it serves a purpose no better then alcohol or cocaine.  But since a family member is sick from Parkinson's disease I am looking into alternatives.

New research from the University of california, Irvine professor Daniele Piomelli found that certain brain chemicals with characteristic similar to marijuana could play a key factor in helping you shed pounds with out any exercise. Its a endocannabinoids compound called 2-AG. Its name suggests similar molecular structure to the active ingredients in cannabis. Typically, high levels of 2-AG are found in the brains of mammals, and previous studies suggest that these compounds may make the body crave fat. Scientists think endocannabinoids play a key role-in regulating the body's metabolism (the energy it makes from the food).

In mice Piomelli found that altering brain cells on mice to reduce the compounds have made them move less and yet they were much skinny then the control group, even on a high fat diet. There was no symptoms of a high fat diet such as diabetes, or high blood pressure. Instead the energy of the food turned to heat quicker for the modified mice then for the control group.
This experiment proves positive in the study of mice, perhaps it might take longer to scale up to humans.

In any case there would need to be a drug that blocks 2-AG production in the brain, a task can't be achieved just yet. Though Dr Steph Wright, director of research and development at GW pharmaceuticals. Already found a drug to treat multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. But their scientist also found two compounds called THCV and cannabidiol, which have a appetite suppressing effect.
This effect only last for a short time, but further studies revealed the compound had an impact on the level of fat in the body and its response to insulin, a hormone that controls sugar levels in the blood.
THCV was found to increase the animals sensitivity to insulin while also protecting the cells that produced insulin, this allows them to work better and for longer periods.
It raises hope for the future when the drug can be developed for the treatment of obesity related diseases and type 2 diabetes.

I was actually thinking about the harmful effects of marijuana but if you look beyond the pot heads and the recreational uses, its still a multi-useful plant. I do recommend it needs to be fined for medical use in the way that THCV can give you the benefits of the a positive treatment to diabetes. THC has exhibited positively for the treatment of chronic never pain, and a muscle relaxant for multiple sclerosis, also Parkinson's disease.(symptoms of shaky hands)

There are cons to the drug in aggression (withdraw of THC) anxiety, depression decreased appetite all are symptoms of with draw to the drug With psychological Effects of distortion of time, paranoia, random thinking short term memory loss and depression. This with a reduction of reaction time, rapid heart rate red eyes and dry mouth makes me wonder if this drug is worth the hassle. I've seen the negative psychological effects marijuana can have on friends and yet feel it can have medical uses. There lays a grey area in which chronic pain sufferers have to break the law to mange pain with out addictive side effects. I hoped there will be a away for a legal medical use, while still making sure people wont abuse the recreational side of this drug. There is no real answer to the control of Marijuana, its medical benefits has given the drug a reason to stay in the fight. While there is every other reason that it is a drug that can be easily abused.

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