Friday, 20 July 2012

The Death of music

Recently I recorded an album, it was a Electronic and Folk music a kind of mix of musical influences of self deprecating lyrics along with my brand of mixing which seems adequate at the time. I wanted to mix a music album as part of my bucket list, things I want to do before I kick the bucket. Having finished this with the use of technology has allowed me to post these songs to a online music social network site.

Reverbnation seems like a pretty clever way of combining a social network along with the process of distributing your music two the fans you might have out in the world. There other sites I could mention which would do the job.
Unfortunately I choose reverbnation simply it allows me to distribute my music to a list of distributors like ITunes and CD baby. After two months in I got a few fans who wanted to me to return the favor and fan them back. More or less the majority of members would 9 time out of ten make fan relationships based on statistical numbers and not the actual Appreciation of music. 
Of course there are artist going through the normal channels TV news and radio, probably with better market campaigns then mine. After all potentially my strategy was to post on the internet and hopefully try and see if I could get any returns on social networking. There is only so much social networking can do and unless I come up with some internet viral Idea, I would be limited on the by the number listeners I posed out to.

My last blog on music considered the evolution of music by way of a software program using a audience participation element of picking out the best samples and them using the best samples to form progeny of different music samples ( from a software algorithm). In effect evolve music to see which tune live and which die and the overall big picture of music in general. The actual conclusion is that music hits a crescendo and becomes unpopular, same with the idea of mixing genre with real music today.

The sales chart of yesterdays 8 track took a steady rise along with Vinyl records LPs and 45-rpm single disc. They took a nose dive when both was succeeded by tape format. The ability to record from the radio and have a mix tape of your favorite artist allowed the general public to finally have  playlist to personnel organize. Followed with the convenience of the walkman tape player you could effectively be mobile with your playlist. Though quality issues came in play when the latest format of Compact disc flooded the market, claimed to have a crystal clear quality. The compact disc sales peaked around 1999, according to RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) end of shipment analysis. The use of Mp3 downloads succeeded Compact discs and has already had a drop in sales  far steeper then vinyl or tape sales. The connivence of data files might have an effect and that music in not tangible, There is less sentiment on the records you buy. With each tune tagged to a film or TV show there is less likely to see any other strategy.

According a few experts, the last remaining genres have been created, a few decades ago when Grunge push out the last few creative sounds. Non of the biggest rock stars we have today are not producing new or ground breaking music. Instead artist seem to wear crazy costumes or less clothes, be angrier be more controversial or portray an emotion that has been covered by a previous generation.
Despite this lack of boundary pushing or innovation to the craft of music, there is a purpose of filling the gaps in todays video media culture. Advertisements have created a industry of synchronization of amateur music to their own campaigns. Its a pity I didn't realized the down turn of music sales and the music industry in general. My choice for a degree would of been different then sound engineering, its hard to see the future from a students eyes. One thing for sure is that the Music industry as it is won't be the same as before. The majority of amateur artist like my self are turning to software to  mix our selves. We are bypassing the big record companies in hope for our own sales. This has led to many voices or bands or film-makers on the internet trying sell our products to anyone that cares. But in the mean time there will be many voices and eventually it will sound like a bland mix of something you might of heard of already.

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