Saturday, 28 July 2012

The World Wide Web, a british invention.

like most people who are blissfully unaware of things, I was watching the olympics laughing at the pre-show performance area thinking my goodness the cast of the Hobbit might show up and do an jig on the hill. Instead it was a excellent collection of all things British including music humor and innovation. Well done film director Danny Boyle for setting up this unique sporting event.

One of the main people I remember besides Mr Bean's hilarious musical number was Sir Tim Berners Lee.
Apparently he invented the internet, along with Robert Cailiau a young student at Cern he implemented the first successful communication between a Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) for client and server via the internet. christmas day in 1990 might have been the point when the first web page was viewed.

Berners Lee saw an opportunity to connect hypertext to the transmission protocol and domain name system ideas. Creating the web was really was an desperate act, because the situation without it was difficult.
the first website from Cern was put online on the 6th august 1991. There was no graphics on the page due to the limited information placed there. Any computer with a terminal would be able to read information from a universal line Browser.
During 1991 servers appeared in other institutions in europe, by December 1991 the first server outside the continent was installed in the US at Stanford linear Accelerator Center. By November 1992 there were 26 servers in the world, and about a year later there were 200 known web servers. In February 1993 the national Centre for Supercomputing Applications ( NCSA) at the University of Illinois released a copy of a web browser called Mosaic.
This was to make the web available to people using PC's and Apple macintosh  computers. This was the first popular graphical web browser which played an important part in the expansion of the internet. Marc Andeerssen and Eric Bina wrote the  NCSA Mosaic later went on to develop Netscape Web browser. Mosaic was later licensed to spyglass Inc the foundation to Internet Explorer.

During the 90s, it was estimated that traffic would grown 100 percent on the general public. This growth attributed to the lack of central administration which allowed organic growth of the network. Instant communication by email, instant messaging, voice over internet protocols (VOIP) phone calls, blogs increase in graphics and video needed more data to be transmitted. Higher and higher speeds over fiber-optic networks operating at 1 Gbit/s, or more.

As of march 2011 the estimated total number of internet users was 2 billion (30.2% of the worlds population. In 1993 the internet carried 1% of the information flowing through a two way telecommunication,  by 2000 this figure had grown to 51% and by 2007 more then 97% of all tele-communicated information was carried over the internet.
Originally the technology of packet switching and communications form computer to computer was long before 1990. Some people argue that because of nuclear treat, the infrastructure of the network was born. But for me all the internet started when computer Boffin Sir Tim Berners Lee Proposed an idea utilizing the existing technology and posted a web page for scientific communications at CERN. Who would of thought it would develop into a global communications hub of  blogs, Trolls and video distractions.

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