Monday, 6 August 2012

Dating in a modern world

In the rat race we chose to continue to work live and strive to succeed in, there is a little matter of finding love and settling down. Modern society seems to have advanced the technology of communication but still leaves little or no time for a balance life, between professional and personnel pursuits. I ponder on the the quick and easy solution for dating sites and think about the rise of match making by web site.

One of the best features of online dating sites is that they allow you to introduce yourself to woman of interest without having to sacrifice your ego. No one wants to be rejected to their face but being rejected online isn't half bad. After all they don't know you anyways. More importantly you are putting yourself out there for other people to come and find you. There are many different types of dating sites available. The many dating services range from sites for heavy people to sites for people who are into the Goth lifestyle.

The key to enjoying an online dating site is to be honest and seek out those who share similar interests with you. Don't always just go for the prettiest woman or men even though there maybe lots of them. It makes more sense to find friends first and lovers second.
You might be surprised to find that people who use online dating make more money than, have a higher education than, and have longer lasting relationships than people who meet in the real world. People who meet online are typically busy professionals who are focused on their careers. They have a maturity that isn't always found in the "real world".

Both men and women commonly lie about height, reporting to be around two inches taller on average about 10-15% of the time. Both sexes also inflate their income. As a general practice you can assume they make 20% less than what they boast, and the likelihood of an inflating income grows with age. Finally, when you see a particularly attractive picture, chances are it's fairly old. Most of the photos OK Cupid users considered "hot" were from a year in the past (or more). While lying is definitely off-putting, and not recommended, these are the kinds of little things you can forgive.

Dr Pepper Schwarts a professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle, and a relationship expert at dating web site, mentions when money is uncertain (in a recession), they don't want to go through it alone. As more people are preferring to search online for a partner than in a bar or club, the web dating business is worth more than £2 billion a year worldwide.

The use of online dating has is own dangers of  people making conversation with the hope that you are willing to cash a cheque or send money. Many online internet scams have been documented, which most companies don't seem to screen. There are many sites that seem to pray on the vulnerable and use the fact that there seems to be more women willing to us these websites.

The future of dating seems to pointing towards the dating sites, with the internet allowing more connectivity, there seems to a increasing number of people not just using using these site but also adding the whole process of searching in a mobile phone application. This adds to the convenience of a quick search on your lunch break or when you can spare a few minuets. Its only a matter of time when your dating details will allow you be geo tagged for a realtime augmentative reality web site. With new technology comes the pitfalls as with face-book there have been many crimes on stalking and so will geo tag dating, will end up being abused by the people using it. The whole system of dating has come along way from face to face contact from singles bars and social events. Instead it has become easier for strangers to meet, making it easy to abuse the whole system. I was hoping to find the good ending to this article but found instead a lot of rules and dark stories for dating online. If you do deiced to date just be careful.


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