Monday, 21 May 2012

3D Camcorders on the verge of buying one but which do I choose?

Ok its camcorder upgrade time. Why ??. Well my old one was brought from a place in America quite cheaply as a holiday present and so it is a NTSC version. Its slightly inconvenient when I choose to watch the playback on an old TV(England uses PAL). And it uses the Digital Video tapes which can fail if not clean properly. So I am buy DV cleaning tapes to sort out the picture quality, a extra cost which I really hate doing.
Another thing the noise of the tape machine can be overheard when I am recording in a quite room. Another factor which tips the scale, for me to choose another camera.

So what to choose?, I like to think my old laptop can handle standard definition quite well. My mac book pro dual core with 4 gig ram can just about do cartoon renders on my short you tube clips.
But I am ambitious to try High Definition on it. Granted it might have a hissy fit on the 1020p data but if all else fails My 4 core game computer can come and take over. I got a copy or premiere elements which will edit it in some way.

But why by HD when you can go 3D, I like the Blue ray DVD's and I love the 3d gaming. (played Battle field 2 in 3D). I had a go earlier on with a Aiptek camera and thought its a cool concept. But I realized quickly the hardware isn't good enough as the action in front of the camera was too much for the camera to capture. i.e. it would strobe during quick panning movements.
But times moved on and now since the CES of 2011, there have been a couple of major contenders.

Sony HDR-TD10 3D A nice little two eyed machine that kind of looks and weights almost a  half bag of sugar The footage looks gorgeous, it doesn't strobe and it can be immersive when looking at landscapes. I am not sure if the youtube clips give it justice as I think the clips might have been compressed compared to raw data straight off the camera.

Also if looking at moving camera shoots, I got a little dizzy and thought I'll give my eyes a rest.
Anyway the play pack of the youtube clip is pretty good,  If I was to film weddings or music gigs with this it would be visually great. I have a camera stabilizer and the machine it self has a reasonably good electronic stabilizer too. So if I was to buy it, I can assume the camera movements would be almost professional quality.

JVC Everio GS-TD1BEK 3D Full HD Looks like a case to put your binoculars in. Its black high tech only a mother could love Darth vaders lunch box, could be said to be the same specs as the Sony camera. Weighing the same half bag of sugar the machine footage is ok. I seem to think its slightly dull then the sony and there might be slight strobing on the JVC.

Bear in mind that when I looked at both youtube clips, I watched then on firefox browser with silverlight 3D software add on and Nvidia 3d vision Hardware ( with stupid glasses, as well as my own optical ones), so I can see in full glory of 3D films and youtube 3D clips.

There are cheap alternatives like the sony 3D bloggie and the Veiwsonic VC3D2 3D, a Aiptek 3D ih3 camcorder or even a Panasonic camera (I am a 2d camera but I'll put this attachment on and convert to 3d). A seem nice camera but don't have the good quality of 3d as the Sony or JVC.

I could go the old school route of recording two HD recorders like Go pro and get good quality footage. This is good for action stuff, it would mean I have to get 3d toolbox to put together the two images and have a side by side format. The side by side format would then be compatible to my system a 3D tv or most 3D systems.

I guess I would like one of the two main 3D camcorders, but none of then have any spec of the capture rate or frames per second. Would love to film things in Slow mo like golf shots or cool artistic time manipulation shots. The sony has I believe another version in the form of HDR-TD20 it's just smaller and has a G.P.S.
Sure light weight machines are convenient but the price tag of £1300 is a bit much.

The main question now is, how can I input the camera footage to Final cut pro?. The JVC and Sony outputs to MVC or AVCHD formats. There seems to be difficulty to transfer these formats to Final cut or even my Adobe Premiere elements. I could do a search for MVC to avi converters which seem a slightly cheaper option then to buy Sony vegas pro video editor 10 which is about £450 on ebay(Sony vegas seems to be compatible with MVC or AVCHD format). Its seems with my budget cuts I might have to rethink my options about 3D

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