Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The 3D question of format compatibility

Lately I posed the question.

Hi do you know if the latest final cut pro can import the new AVCHD 2.0 files or MVC files???Basically If I am thinking about buying a Sony HDR-TD10 which records dual 1920 x1080 side by side picture 3D  format, people are saying it cant be done. But that was last year I am wondering if there are any changes or rumors for changes to accommodate 3D???.

It would seem that it's early days for 3D HD, I posted this question on Apples web forum hoping I might get a answer in a few days. Mean while looking at another forms I noticed someone says that Sony vegas 11 has been able to import the Sony HDR TD10 or the JVC everio GSTD1    3D video files. I just wonder if I can still use final cut or Just move on to vegas
This forum says sony vegas can use the new 3D video formats for editing.
But it puts a question, what will happen to to the Video editors who Don't have the ability to import MVC or AVCHD 2.0 3D files?. I would like to think I can get a update from Apple because I have a all in one package, from camera to the editor and effects to sound and later to DVD. I can't believe the new formats hasn't persuaded the software engineers to make the changes, since the introduction of 3D camcorders at CES in 2011.
Mean while if I don't get an answer to  my question I will have to be forced to buy sony vegas and try to send it to Final cut for titles and effects or DVD. Crazy as that might seem, it's like changing cars mid way on a regular journey to work. With that in mind I'd rather walk....

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