Thursday, 31 May 2012


My life is plagued with wires to hook things up, I am either connecting the TV to the video box or something else to the screen. Usually its the Iphone with is 101 different uses that bugs me. The cost leads weather its new ear phones or usb leads and data connections to the computer, I get bugged out on the fact I have to replace the leads. I mean the cost of Iphone products is expensive enough but now you have expensive leads too, it all adds up.
Rumours or Apple to hire a connector design engineer makes me think maybe the 30 pin Dock connector will be replaced. My personnel view's on the lead is that it can be cumbersome and the reliability can be an issue when they use those thin leads which after so many times of charging a O.S. data uploading. The metal wire be come fatigued and break.
It wasn't a long while when the technology of inducing a coil and a electromagnetic Field was a cool alternative to wireless charging. Instead of a lead you can lay your phone on the charging mat and induced EM field to the charging coil which connect to your phone like some protective cover. In the same realm as a Tesla coil you can induce electromagnetic waves to power your phone. Though with a Tesla coil it was demonstration of powering up the voltage to the same levels of natural lightening.

As power is concerned it would be terrific for wireless charging, but data might be a different. But who can say?, I thought a cool way is to use infra red or even a low power laser could offer a similar wireless fibre optic experience to the data to transfer.

But people like to speculate even me and the fact that rumours have been circulating around for ages doesn't mean any action is going to happen soon. I hope they don't introduce the mag safe like connector into the equation. as 30 pins to a phone would be potentially a cleaning nightmare.  The lint and the dust alone would easily attach to the 30 connectors and possibly corrupt data flow.

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