Friday, 1 June 2012

ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT EXPO, next week filled with gaming hype

E3 or ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT EXPO is almost among us and it means putting together the all the games you want to play or heard about into a farmers market -like display situation.
Personally its a way to hype up the excitement and I suppose it gives some sort of idea on the release date on these so called video games.

The hardware aspect isn't going to be that interesting as PlayStation and XBox will most likely not be showcasing anything new. Though its a perfect opportunity for Nintendo to go ahead and release the wii u.

The tablet sized controller with its screen and control keys either side, gives it a unique experience. Though how unique is with two screens anyway?. It might be a good way to have a threesome, though not the sexual kind but really a way to split the tv screen and  have the tablet as the third player. Or indeed maybe allow each player to bring his wii u controller for a add on multi play.

Most of the games seem like they are ages away with Tomb raider being the furthest away to the first quarter of 2013. The trailer looks pretty good with a Young 20 something Lara croft freaking vocalising out on the situations that she has in front of her. This is a reboot and the new new Lady croft, like any noob would be a little on edge. I can imagine that the whole game play will be her moaning and groaning the whole way through it. A situation which might get a little tiresome and probably will adjust the volume to avoid embarrassing noises or complex explanations to anyone outside the room. (your mother or girlfriend)

Dead space 3 may have have an update on E3 despite all the cryptic graphic trailer released some time earlier.

Resident evil 6
continues to carry one with the news that the president is to reveal the goings on with Raccoon city in 1998. Hopefully that should curb the actions of the bio hazard terrorists.

E3 will promise to be a candy-land full of news updates and hardware reveals. I suspect there might be new game trailers or more of the same concept ideas for hardware. Its hard to predict while you are in another country looking at the news on the internet. All I can say is that I'll be envious on the action and would probably find the truth about how good the game play when I cough up the money to play, months after the release date.

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