Sunday, 27 May 2012

The ENVIRONMENT, my sunday afternoon thought of the day

Ok its sunny in dear old England and the fact that there is a ray of sunshine in the seven circle of hell, in my part of town. I have to consider that maybe global warming isn't that bad, for this sunday afternoon.
Its a kind of buy now pay later deal to see the few selection of photons today. With all these pure light rays I have to consider that mother natures one arm bandit is cashing out some coins, before I might have to empty out my money cup.
In other words I should just enjoy the sun while I can. Meanwhile I don't see any reason to have prolonged exposure to the sun. That and allergies, its a wonder why I even bother.

But wait the environment is sort of important, I been hearing some kind of constant ringing in my ears in a form a doom saying and environmental lectures form Al Gore, various news on the BBC and radio. So what doe this mean?, We are all going to Hell in a little yellow bus and should live our lives in the cites of Sodom and Gomorrah. Not really, besides I don't think I want to live in a world where I cant sit down.
And having fun all the time is too exhausting. Rather a balanced life knowing what you should do and basic common sense.
Its hard to make environmental changes when you know you got more effort to do. A low paid job sucks the life force out of you, and then you got to wheel out the recycle bins!!!.
I do alright when I can but so long I still have some energy to do it. Saying all that and then you get people who would like to make all the hard decisions for you.

Consider an Idea of inducing a substance place inside meat to eventually force you to become a vegetarian.
If Matthew Liao, a professor of philosophy and bioethics at New York University, had his way.
He wrote an article about the consumption of meat and the environmental implications it entails.
Apparently Cows eat grass but recently they are been fed grain.
Ok cows fart and so does most living things, but its getting to be a petty thing to add up every item on the bill
In professor Liao's point of view, it would be good that pharmaceutical companies develop drugs to induce nausea when people eat beef or pork products. If humans was micromanaged to be environmentally friendly, things would look up.
Considering that the news article seems to be putting on the scary pants and saying things in the extreme scale of this premise. I have to say if its in the mind of someone then there is a likely hood it might be gathering momentum to become actually real.
In the extreme scenario the article goes on to say genetically altering humans can give rise to the idea of a master race in the image of Neitzche's superman or Hitlers Lebensborn.

Either way it comes down to some kind of "things are better on the other side of the fence" philosophy.
Weather I got better shoes then you I might make a faster runner or better D.N.A.

I like the story that all the huffing and puffing, the big bad national socialist party would try to goose step their way into the house of fun. Jesse Owens would disprove their thinly veiled racist / scientific theories.

I always thought the Aryan race was probably a pretty looking race, but if you add in physical strength and intelligence factors. They are the lamest group of humans.
I have this star-trek Borg idea that the best of someone like intelligence from one race and longevity of another with beauty and strength can't come from one group. Its a daft idea of Genetic Socialism, but its a dam site better then looking like a paistey albino or the Milky bar kid...

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