Monday, 28 May 2012

THE FUTURE OF ENTERTAINMENT, or just watching your shows a different way

My mind turns to entertainment in this time of year. As a kid I was bored in the summer time as TV seems to less  interesting. It still stands today, as most TV shows have some sort of break in the summer. Unless you are from England and your shows from America and the local TV station just releases your shows though their perfectly timed scheduling. I hate those delays because it feels that I was given hand me down clothes from my brother. I guess this kind of global distribution is hard to do.

To send video out on a global scale and still find a way to Monetize the show to earn money. Oh wait You tube does that. As a person who likes to make small shows I don't claim to be a big TV company, but I appreciate the business model of a video website.

OK for most people its hard to make time for people to plan they life around TV shows. You have to make sure you don't miss that point in time. Until, that is the video recorder or now a TIVO or hard drive TV recorder replace the hard work of being on time.

But even now with the crazy live of a modern person in this day and age, its better to squeeze entertainment on the go. its cool to commute to work and have time to watch a comedy on your phone or tablet. To read a Ebook while waiting at the doctors, or have 20 minuets on your lunch break to beat your score on angry birds.

The old way of just waiting for something in a long Que is agonisingly cruel sometimes, tempers get flared up. Everything is exacerbated by the room temperature which usually rises when there is a large group of people. I actually see the bottle neck and ask myself, why cant I plan around this?.

I digress, the main topic of entertainment and all its forms seems to be changing. I hardly have a lads night of action films and junk food. Or actually sit down to a full night watching Television. My attention span has gone down to a few minuets before I start thinking things in my head and drown out the boring moment I am having.

I actually prefer short TV shows of 45 minuets, then to watch a long film. I even have to mentally prepare myself to endure a long 2 hr movie at the cinema. Considering that I have a bladder of a small child and the thirst of a man in a dessert. Meanwhile my friend has the opposite, a Camel like endurance to hold urine while hardly drinking a few drops. By the way I am not suggesting toilet seats at the cinema where you can consume as much as you like and still go.
That would be wrong and most likely to be unhealthy, (though I am strangely warming to the idea).

I am thinking as a viewer its actually better to have my shows on places like you tube Netflix and other online video services. I can just be entertained while waiting for a bus or a doctor or something. Have the show go out in one distribution of the Internet then wait for the local TV to buy the viewing rights and watch it a few months down the line. Even now there are film makers making good quality webisodes pushing out to You-tube with adverts to help with the bills.
video bloggers with a amusing way to talk about the news are making enough to start up a company and just deliver a 5 minuet entertainment show. Granted a Five minuet show doesn't sound appealing at first but we are creatures of habit and that a quick show would be cool to watch at work.

In the future as we are heading down that way, things seem to evolve into bite sized entertainment of 5 minuets half hour or 45 min's and maybe a long film in-between. The question is how are we going to see it?. There was much hype about virtual reality glasses whereby you see information on screen like a heads-up display for fighter pilots. The reality of google glasses was not at good as the fantasy.
But my rule of, "If its in the minds of people, there will be a good chance it will gather up steam to become a reality".
This this still stands and with the help of inventions like Leap motion technology of hand gestures to control programs like Applications on a touch screen.

Tiny projectors to give eye-wear a heads-up display.
Things can be made to appear that a smart phone would one day be jacked into a persons glasses for entertainment. As crazy as that might be, it might give rise to pedestrians bumping into other people. This Mister Ma-goo factor will make walking a night mare, its already is sometimes when people are texting and walking.


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