Monday, 14 May 2012

hmmm the new mac book pro with retina display

Hmmm I hear good things about the new mack book pro with retina display and 4-cores. But because of the lack of Ethernet I guess I'll be relying on wifi a lot unless the usb3.0 may be a way to transferee large HD quality film clips via Universal bus.

I have to say it might be screaming out to me to say go and buy it because your final cut program wont be embarrassingly slow this time. I suspect it might be a decent rendering time even for HD film. But would this be cool for 3D HD along with all the crazy transitions or video effects I can think off and give a reasonable render time?... Would I be able to hold several programs like logic audio, final cut pro, Propellerheads Reason, Abelton or anime studio all at once. With out giving me a hard time about memory space?...

In a ideal world I like a all in one basic package laptop to do that. I can go from coffee shop to friends house to work on my media things . And still have time to surf the web and watch my shows.
I wouldn't say I am a Apple fan boy. I just want to do my little projects with out all the glitches and thus not lose the passion of writing, editing film or composing music . Still I plan on this and then I look at the price tag and think I am no better then Gollum looking for his precious, and I'll do all sort of crazy things just get it.

For those of you who see this new laptop ask your self why you need it ?,and would it be essential?.
For me,I am looking at long video render times and occasion glitches with limited memory for my old laptop.
And I haven't even try to begin on HD let alone 3D 1080p. But I think I'll hold off a little while and see prices fall after the dust settles. Although there is a growing trend these days for people to unboxing things and present their findings on you tube. I am no stranger

I just think with a little time and see where I am going with this Blogging experiment I don't have to get the newest shiny toy to show to the world. Some people get by, with sharing a funny videos or opinions on the news and current affairs done in a humorous way. My mind isn't that formulaic, I tend to post things due to what I like or find cool at the time. Even now my interest change from time to time, speaking someone with lots hobbies.

I think if I was earning the big bucks in editing I buy the new mac book retina display in a heartbeat, but since I am not I'll stick with my old system and try out HD editing with my slightly higher performance PC...

New retina Mac book  link

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