Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Your free will is lost via Scopolamine, which was used as a truth Drug during war time.

There are more dangerous things in the world, you now can get a drug which allows you to be fully awake but you lose free will. And from then on you hear scary things like Scopolamine used to make the victim assist in his or her own abduction for illegal organ donations or for date rape or robbery.

I think when a drug like this used on unsuspecting victims could create the most devastating tool. As far as I can tell, it was already known during war time as a truth drug. But now for some reason its properties have rekindled the drug as great tool for criminal activities. The best thing is Avoidance, dodgy night clubs, bad high crime countries and the usual criminal elements whose likelihood of using such a drug.
The best thing is education of such danger so that it can never happen. in case you want to know more I included a video which documents this drug.

Scopolamine documentry    

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