Thursday, 24 May 2012

JIM PARSONS and the Big Bang theory super fans

Apparently people are googling Jim parsons information. I have to admit I haven't really heard of him before Big Bang theory. I think he was in a film called "Garden state" before and probably a struggling actor even before that.
But when fame strikes someone its like a lucky roll on the dice or something like that. Anyway its trendy to be a nerd or portray one in a situation comedy. I guess it the common situation that the underdog or someone that's relatable can sometimes win, makes Big Bang theory a hit.
I just like the science comedy, and how you can hook up theoretical physics with old innuendos and sometimes toilet humor. Jim parsons seems to pull off the lovable crazy whizz kid, with his obsessive compulsiveness and limited social interactions. A behavior that can lead people to believe that they know a guy exactly like that person.

Its geeks like me, that tend to blur the realms of reality by trying to find where on the google map the apartment building in Pasadena, the cheese cake factory or university. I gave up on the first Hurdle as I was looking for the large love heart shape on top of the building. As shown in the last episidoe

Anyway people are looking into the lives of these actors like for instance, How Jim parsons has come out of the closet and said he is Gay. While I hear Johnny Galecki did date kaley Cuoco for two years before they broke off the secret romance.
All these things filters in like osmosis to people like me who are fans but if not given a reality check will most likely to become super-fans.

All things come to an end and for me I move on with out looking back, I don't want to imagine what I'd belike if I have to deal with the likes of sci fi hits such as Star-gate, Battlestar Galactica or Eureka all closing down with nothing but real life to deal with.

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