Wednesday, 23 May 2012

LEAP MOTION, use your hands as the computer mouse

Look out here is some future tech coming your way, possibly mimicking the fantasy tech from the film Minority Report. If every piece of film tech was to be made real, it would just clutter the patent office with lots of stupid ideas. Anyway imagine holding out your arms to swipe at a file or to scroll on a piece of text. Imagine doing this for hours on end and thinking you are tome cruise. Now imagine hours later your arms are tired and drained of blood because you are holding your am out unnaturally for a long time.

I can just about remember playing on my wii controller, that if I slouched on the sofa and prop my pillows under my arms, I can play a decent game of tennis. Maybe I can do the same for Leap motion gadget. swipe files control alt delete my angry hand gestures to the screen. Or even watch porn with a special interactive feature. With all of these thing in mind it can turn your computer into some sort of crime fighting tool to capture murderers or it can be another dark tool for the lonely guy who can exercise his arms until he looks like Popeye.

Ok the original hand gestures was a cool tool to zoom maps and web pages for your Iphone. But now I am thinking its getting quite ridiculous. It can map every finger for movement. I am actually thinking can we get a full body map, I want to make a avatar and skype someone with my false digital body. Or maybe we can just make second life, that much better and immersive with a virtual reality helmet and full body map. Either way using a xbox kinect style games becomes tiresome after a while. With the exception of being spiderman or a star-wars character, things are looking to be more interactive because of this Leap Motion device.

If I have to have this system, could I just limit it to designers and video editors?. Yes a Tony stark type C.A.D. system where I can see in 3D my design as I am grabbing it and zooming in and working out the glitches.
Or when I am marking in and out points for a film clips and scrubbing along the time line to find a transition point. I really like to see this gadget used for professional purposes. If only for the geeks and nerds to have arms of a body builder...

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