Friday, 18 May 2012

Money experiment My process of making money

Show me the money, Hmmm there's few things in life which we like keep quite about unless you have a lot of it or make people jealous that you seem to be the king of it. In this case I am hoping your mind is thinking about money, and not any dark sexual undertones.
The rich seem to show off and even the well to do, middle class like to flash it about. Gold rings and expensive cars seem to indicate some degree of wealth.
There are smart people who buy and sell like Del,boy Trotter (fictional T.V. character con man).
And then there are the nerds and new media savvy, who just become good at what they do by goofing to the camera and sell their talent on the world wide web. Apparently you can make a ton of money selling things on Ebay or other online auction sites. I even seen someone selling old rope to disprove the old saying money for old rope.

Another way is to program little games for phones or phone applications that make your smart phone a digital swiss army knife. In that it would do a lot of things as well as communication. Or in this case of most people who are not smart enough, they can hire someone to turn your phone app ideas into reality. I don't see it as a bad idea but if you know a web site that exist to hire people and that the idea has been around for a while. Then you probably see the big picture that your phone application idea will be lost in the sea of phone software ideas fighting to make it.

There is media via music or video or even E-books. I kind of see myself in this area of intelligent electronic marketing. Mainly because I inspire to be a musician and that I like to make small goofy movie clips. The disadvantage of this is the fight of attracting people constantly you got to present a cool enough song or have a funny enough viral video to get the crowd. Bear in mind that the crowd seem to be people who are bored office folk who looking at a youtube clip for a 5 minuet distraction. Music and E-book sellers have a slightly different demographic.

My talents  rely on music and the occasional video, I like to make when I have the time. It seems to me hard to generate interest on a electronic Album because there are too many voices out there.
In a world of talented people its hard to make a name for your self, however it's a better time to use computers and software to make more creative music.

My money making scheme started when I recently had the dream to just go for it and make my music.
It took me a while. I had to take a horrid factory job just to buy the equipment and even then. I had to learn about marketing and promotions to try to generate any interest. One way of going about it is to use Web sites like Revebnation to allow you to sell digitally your music. I found it a good way to see other music styles and like minded people. It is also a good way to generate interest because the same people are linked to Twitter and Facebook Social media sites seem to attract the crowd. Reverbnation is also a good way to see if your music is good enough for the public and to gain feedback from other musicians.

At the Moment I can't tell if my music would be successful. I can only speculate or at least have some idea.
Mean time there are other ways to try and get your music out there.

  1. Try posting your music to a local radio station try Uploader I did and just hope it might get a mention on the local airways. Of course if you are a different country to England you need to try a different web link.
  2. You try and generate campaigns that send out to facebook and twitter, but if you allow other bands to advertise on your social web account. This gives you virtual money to spend on your accounts. Hopefully it allows your music to be spread out as well as you helping others.
  3. Youtube Have videos for people to see, people are visual. I notice that when I read other peoples bio or Blogs, I like to see pictures. Thats is why graphic novels seem popular and thats why certain website with interactive features are more interesting. For music its no different. A band with videos seems to be better then a band with no videos.
  4. looks like another web site that will help boost your name in the search engines. I heard it was suppose to quash negative reports about yourself. But there is no harm to improve your scores by using this web site.

I hope those tips might help to boost a fellow musicians popularity. if not then there is always adsense to make you money. A simple step to join a blog web site such as blogger or tumblr and then join adsense and cut and paste advert or adsense code to your blog. This means when someone finds your web site they might click on a advert and you will get paid for that. Its best to have relevant adverts on your blog. its no good if your blog is about pets and find the adverts are about gardening. But there is a way to filter these things out via adsense account.

When I started out I didn't know what I was gonna write about if I was going to write about music or gadgets or my love of 8mm films. But when I first started out I just cut and paste youtube videos that I thought was interesting. And would treat the blog as if it was a scrolling status wall. And later post the status out to Facebook and Twitter which are connected automatically. But as I read the news and look at the stories, I seem to form my own opinions of the world about me.

I am not a journalist but I do like to say what it means to me. Anyway if you notice I am becoming more experienced and hopefully gain more of an audience. I also subtly added links in certain words in this blog that seem relevant to the information I go on about.

This blog to me is about selling something, my Music. But its an on going process of creativity and blogging the experiences and learning how to do it. Mydogisdead album for sale

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