Thursday, 17 May 2012

Diablo 3, the demons are back in town

Wow its finally arrived Diablo3 I was gonna buy it straight off, but a I kind of held off due to the rumors that people couldn't get on it.
I think back to the time how I would always play the archer and just fire at the skeletons lots of times before I get trapped in a cavern somewhere. How Cain the elder would always ask me to stay awhile. I would felt battle weary  after a demonic encounter and yet the villagers would not really care except for their own immediate danger. This is how I think war veterans, might feel.

Anyway killing the bosses was always rewarding, you can go back to your old haunts and decimate the lower ghouls with ease to gain points. I some how find it formulaic when I see other versions of this game manifest in different titles. I seen versions where you were fighting for sections of the London underground, or that you a japanese shogun warrior fighting for your Daimyos rise to power.

I actually have been ignoring the adverts for the game, except for the rumors on the faults and glitches on this game. I even heard some guy has sped through a 12 hr marathon to reach the end. Either way I think I'll wait for a while before I buy this game.

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