Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sugar makes you stupid

Its hard to believe but when you think about junk food and what a lot of it does to you. It kind of makes sense when you see a country that is the largest consumer of junk foods.  The people of that country, begins to take shape into the food addictive victims. I see that if food is put on offer cheaply and taste so good, the general public would buy it. This would be the start of a vicious cycle of  a junk food diet. 

But now a new study into corn syrup has confirmed a new threat that in large quantities of this sugar has now been found to reduce the synaptic sign flow in white mice. It translates to the fact that if a human was to eat the equivalent quantities then, logic would dictate that. The human would become obese and have the same limitations for higher learning.

considering on average most people consume two large coke drinks a day, and that corn syrup is abundant in most junk foods including ice-cream, donuts, most sugary foods. But not only that, the not so miracle food additive is used to thicken or sweeten or even help food retain water. Its cheap, its easy to make and its abundant in most easy to make cheap foods. 

I was lucky enough to have a dad who could cook and to make me eat rice and have vegetables in a humble chinese diet. So I began to appreciate healthy foods and never was additive to junk foods. Its easy to look back and think I am lucky, even if I didn't like the meals at the time. I know now that eating this way eventually gets you to a better place, then a food attitude that has no rules. If people was to grown up feral, and was allowed to eat or do what they wanted. Then a slow evolution of people would create a race of dim witted sub humans. 

I am only assuming on the extreme end of the scale that a sub human culture would emerge. But consider the facts that fast food would normally effect the lower classes and the continued violent behavior of the lower classes can make snap emotional often irrational decisions. This idea that you are what you eat can almost be considered truth...

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