Tuesday, 5 June 2012

BIG BROTHER, the lame game show is back on

Big brother is among us and guess what, I can't be arsed to report on this kid of nonsense. A bunch of 20 somethings are going in some house and from there on in, you just watch the slow decline of social protocols go out the window.
I actually prefer the old days on channel four when the show would just stay on in the middle of the night. And I can just watch via night vision camera, how these people sleep while I just work on my writing or musical projects.
I would just leave the TV on (with the sound off), and occasionally look for any interesting movements. In fact that's how I went through university if I was writing essays. I like to think with one eye on the boob tube and the other on my work I can almost multitask in those difficult times.

This year after the Jubilee and with the Olympics on the horizon its too much to watch more of same lame ass TV. This show with its selection typically chosen cast of fame wannabes. Will smoke, drink argue and then have some kind of misunderstanding drama that I really can't focus on.

I might miss all of this and skip till many weeks later and find someone who I had no clue of knowing. Will probably win due to the many up and down dramas, which made them a unique person. I have to think back to the times when these people enter the house with all smiles and teeth. Start a slow decline of inner joy and begin a irritable contained anger in the many many weeks to the bitter end.

I like the fact these people choose to suffer the constant emotional pushing and shoving of a confined living space. Like a proud wild animal slowly dies inside when forced to live in a cage. The happy go lucky bear that will end up wearing a clown suit push a large ball in the circus. While we feed our fat faces and laugh at the mental people in Bedlam.

I like the subtle manipulation as these people that are weeded out to dance like puppets, and eventually dress up like Muppet's for our entertainment. How one girl will shamefully say I'll kiss all the boy's and yet end up being a frumpy old layabout in week 11. The banter of conspiracy and voting politics and the fact that it seems important in this media bubble.

While dark forces around the world are giving me all kinds of news good and bad. The formula or voting people out and the earnings taken at the end of the week. The good natured mudslinging on the after show audience participation. The interviews and Newspaper scandals for the rejected house mates and finally the Huge dislikes of one another and the turnaround all important friendly group photos at the end of the whole thing. Only to be replaced by the Celebrity big brother event a few weeks later.

I guess I am a bit cynical of the whole affair, Its been a few years of the same format, the technology for surveillance has moved on and also web casting to allow a pay per view option for uncensored scenes. I was hoping  more interactions with online viewers or control of a camera live feed from the kitchen or living area. Something for the viewers to go browsing around online. Instead its mainly twitter feeds and chat shows. Technology moves on but the game show formula stays the same. If I had to say it I will probably not watch, for same reason of seeing repeats. Instead look out for worth while things on the Internet like you tube fail videos or even a decent documentary.

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