Monday, 4 June 2012

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE' surviving the first wave

For those who seem to be hooked on Zombies and the up and coming zombie apocalypse. It is important to think about survival and all the pitfalls in a apocalyptic situation. Its is actually healthy to think about impending doom because, I had more conversations with people then with any other topic. The Centre of Disease control C.D.C. seem to  include this scenario in their online graphic novel, "Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic" Despite the much hype of increased cannibalism in the news.

Get A Kit, Make A Plan, Be Prepared.
If you are to think about an apocalypse in the real world, it's best to think of a exit strategy and the best way is to think of different situations you can get trapped in.It is important to see films as a good source of inspiration.

I like to think zombies as a slow moving phenomenon (but don't disregard the notion of fast running bio zombies), they are easy to out run from and the combat skills needed to kill are relatively low (unless there is a large crowd). In combat its is necessarily to remove the head or damage the brain inside, enough to stop the zombie from functioning. A large bat or a hammer can to this, it has the added advantage to be relatively quite and will not attract nearby entities. While large guns and pistols can be heard over half a mile away, thus attracting attention in the general area.

In America it is possible to obtain guns and it can provide great comfort for the urban warrior.Though difficult in England, it is most likely to have an armoury at your local police station. This can be tricky as numbers multiply in built up areas. When numbers multiply and the first Zombie wave is upon you, it is important to remain CALM and plan a exit route.

On the premise of a attack it is better to have a pole or something to push away the undead. If possible get to higher ground or try to hide while the first wave passes by. Having found a place to survive temporally, it is equally important to find food and water.
If you are at work, try to open a vending machine. If you are at home it is best to find how much food you have to survive. Most average households have one weeks supply at one time. If you need to stay in one area it is possible to ransack neighbouring houses ( providing they are empty).

On leaving a house, try to sneak away making sure you are not being notice as I am assuming the undead have the intelligence to follow you. Driving a car is important but be aware that roadblocks and obstacles are abundant in the towns and cities. A bicycle might be cheap and quite alternative, which will help if there is a fuel or car shortage. Venturing out to get supplies you need to think about protection and attack strategies. It is best to create a diversion and then sneak then to charge right in .

Tin food and concentrated powder products are probably the best for short term solution. Tins can be thrown in an emergency when cornered, any head trauma from a tin can  would disorientate a zombie and possibly buy some time. Pack light when travelling, but also pack for a combat and protection.

I would recommend gloves, shin and elbow pads for your arms knees and legs. A face guard and protective eye ware is recommended at close quarter combat. Long swords (or improvised golf club) are much better for close contact then unarmed combat. and assortment of knives for eye gouging would be a quick solution then beheading the undead. The main strategy is to get away rather then to fight. With a growing number of the undead coming up to surround you it is better to push past the first few then to score big kill points.

In preparation you might want consider a survival kit. I thought about this and there are so many products on the market. Its actually a growing trend for people to consider their top ten Items for a zombie Apocalypse Survival kit. here is my list.

Please be aware that this is a light weight kit ready for transporting on the idea, that being mobile is a better strategy then to stay and survive in a area with a high number of the undead...
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