Saturday, 2 June 2012


I didn't realise its the diamond jubilee weekend, What does this mean?. Well its meant to mark a 75th anniversary, but in the case of the monarch its the 60th. This is the length of time of the present queen, Elizabeth II reign. This is the second time of a diamond jubilee, the first was Queen Victoria's reign. But because of her husbands death she with drew from the public. Then it was decided to bring forward the anniversary date, and so the tradition continues.
The Diamond Jubilee trust was first established in February by the current prime minister. The Australian prime minister Julia Gillard donated $ 5.4 million contribution to the Trust. The New Zealand Crown-in-Council later made a $1 million donation to the fund. The Queen requested two guidelines for the Trust. To minimise the public funds and people should not be forced to celebrate.

This gets a thumbs up in my opinion as when you organise a big party you want to use your own money. Also when you have a big party you can allow people the freedom to do what they like (within reason).
Most of the time parties such as the anniversary will be celebrated via a big event.

Skip reading the itinerary, there is scheduled to be a Sunday lunch whereby 9500 applications of road closures to allow a street party. 2pm is the time for a pageant on the river Thames. Viewing areas open from 8am.
Apparently there is a festival at Battersea park.

on Monday there is a concert at Buckingham Palace from 730pm and later at 1030pm a beacon will be set

on Tuesday the Queen will attend a service of thanks giving at ST Paul's Cathedral. After the service the royal family will travel from the Hall to the Palace. This will probably slow carriage ride for the public to see.

Not to put down on this nice event but I think I might just be watching the highlights on TV and not live when it's actually happening. Late nights and bad TV are my diet lately and I have I funny feeling that I might end up doing the same sort of celebration as the Royal wedding. That day was fun Because I didn't have to go to work and suffer the cruel work regimes and attitudes of the poor house for the bank holiday.

Instead I lay in bed and played video games. A royal occasion indeed, I have fun fragging the life of a noob and celebrated the event my own way. God bless you Queen I'll be celebrating your 60th with a few rounds of Call of duty Zombies"five" (because its kid of political, if they had the royal version I would play that game too), then maybe Battlefield 3 and try and do a royal fly by at the Caspian boarder. Meanwhile I am avoiding air sharks and heat seeking missiles. A spot of lunch in a form of pot noodles in a royal like manner. And finally a film at night. Maybe Captain America or copy of Iron SKY, something with Nazis in it (because that always cheers me up). I will endeavour to continue through out the celebrations and the rest of the three days. By then I will enjoy my alternative Diamond jubilee Anniversary celebration, and would be happy to celebrate the next one...

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