Sunday, 3 June 2012


AS I look out my window I see rain and I said I wont look at the TV for the Jubilee but I was curious on the goings on of this Sunday. More rain on one of important days of the year, when a bank holiday is suppose to mark a special occasion. And well all I can think of is its raining lol. Seeing a bunch of boats going along the Thames river under the dull grey skies and I think bloody hell. How crazy is that!, and its not going to improve.
I am remind my self that this pomp and circumstance is likely going to continue through out the three days of this Diamond jubilee celebration. Its like a scene form a Ealing comedy or indeed a carry on film.

I guess people are being good sports for putting a brave face even though they are soaked like drowned rats. The philharmonic orchestra playing like the last band on the Titanic. I see the choir sing their hearts out while the wind and rain soak them to the bone. Who knows if they might get the mother of all colds but I cant imagine if I was to go out in this weather, I would try to avoid long exposure let alone singing in the cold rain.

As I am snuggling in my room and put the central heating on because its a bit chilly. I can't help to think I am glad to stay at home to see snippets of this. Walking around in London is a night mare, I once try to celebrate the new year at Trafalgar sq and ended up being disappointed when they said they was not going to put on any fire works or lights. I ended up celebrating via that echos of Big Ben and walking home for a disappointing build up. But I digress I should celebrate the jubilee in my own way and I said I was going to play call of Duty zombies or online Battlefield 3. So excuse me while I just get my virtual game on...

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