Friday, 15 June 2012

Getting the most out of video games try mods.

The cost of living seems to go up along with petrol prices and food, Its one of the things the news like to dish out to make everyone get on board with saving. I like to think Sims is training game for the real thing in our own economy. If you introduce toxic debt into the system you get a political upheaval and so on.

Looking at my own life, I have to economize with less visits to friends and random trips to drive out to the furthest part of town only as an excuse to get out of the home. The feeling of cabin fever is starting to effect me. and maybe that what its all about being a victim austerity. My own budget cuts make me reduce my game budget and I think hmmm I wished I can get that game.
But there is an alternative to buying the latest game for most online gamers you can just try carry on with online games like call of duty and battlefield 3. Thankfully there are new maps added, so this weekend won't be so boring after all. In June is the start of expansion packs labeled close quarters its a room by room attack. First is Ziba tower with long corridors for gun fights and a courtyard. next is operation 925 similar type of map but with a open plan bar area. also a underground car park.
Donya fortress is a old looking Spanish building with tiles and high arches. In the trailers you see walls and other debris blow out in a frantic gun battle. All of which adds to the excitement. Scrap metal looks at two buildings on a roof top location, where by there a several gangways to cross over into each sectors some are exposed and other areas are not.
Hopefully in the fall another expansion pack will be emerging this time its full with armoured vehicles and a extra expansion pack named "endgame"

As well as buying a game hoping to find Download content later in the games life.
You could also revive some older games buy seeking out or just googling mods for your particular game. Mostly PC games have DLC download content or a ability to modify.

My left for dead 2 game has a new lease of life when I found a mod website, one mod was the ever fun to play co-op version of lord of the rings, battle at Helms Deep map. A great game where by you have to last a certain amount of time by which wave and waves of zombies come rushing to the familiar walls of Helms Deep. Having played through there are set points in time where the zombies crash through the wall and you must fallback to the fortress. Eventually you get pushed back into one of the rooms of the fortress. where you must fight until dawn. By then Gandalf rides into the valley and you must ride out to meet him. This almost matches the film and is quite exciting to see a zombie twist to this game. Of course there are a whole host of different games which I can could go on about all night. Some have a movie theme with "Dawn of the dead", "Matrix subway","Titanic" or "city 17" with its maps similar to the game Half life.

Dead island also has a new life injected with mods, with a Crysis game like mod or even slight superpowers of spiderman (being able to jump 20 feet in the air or punch and kick much harder then any human.
New games might be great and there are a lot of people willing to buy them to film their strategy's, for it to be monetised and explained on you tube. How else can I get new tips for sucking less at battlefield 3 or Call of Duty. The best ones are the co-op games because you can build friendships and I certainly build some friends playing left for dead 2, while battle call of duty felt less friendly.

Modifications are great way to hold on to your games until prices fall. I am still waiting for Diablo 3 to drop down its £35 price tag, by then hopefully it will be in Autumn. When new games like resident evil 6 or assassins creed 3, will be at the top of the charts forcing the older games to drop their prices. In the fight to grab my attention, the games are played less in the summer months while I go out in the sun. But still I can wait just that bit longer when I modify my game with expansion packs and other mods I find on the web. Its a shame that game developers and programmers don't work closer to get more of a official game mod website. I have to go searching around to get a reputable mod sometimes. If games would have easy to mod links to their web site, I would think it build loyalty to that particular game.

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