Thursday, 14 June 2012

Multiple screens a way to increase productivity, or decrease your attention span

One screen two screens three screens four, five screens six screens seven screens whore.
I love moving pictures if you show a screen on a wall behind you and have a conversation with someone. I guarantee his eyes will dart every now and again between you and the screen behind you.
Why are we so drawn to the screen?, I think it is because we are visual beings. In the real world we shift our attention so many times and the fact of the matter is that we can't seem to concentrate on one area for a long time.
Sci fi writers have been going on about multi screens and films like blade runner, minority report or back to the future 2 suggest that we are heading down this route.

But why so many monitors?, the main rational is that multi screens can increase productivity. The multi screen idea is much more efficient then toggling a tab on a web browser. To actually have multi screens allows to to have much more real estate for data to be presented. And the eyes can quickly be glossed over the data.

A study in the university of Utah concluded that there was a 10% increase of productivity, and a 20% reduction in errors as well as a reduction of stress. In setting up it is relatively easy to hook up two screens for desk top and laptops. Most office or editing software would prefer multiple screens.
The main disadvantage is that you can be easily distracted by all the data, if an incoming Email divert your attention or simply juggling too many websites and programs can make you forget your train of thought.

since multi screens have been around a while it would seem to be logical to have multi screens in gaming.
The main advantage in PC gaming, is to have a larger area or peripheral vision, so that the use can react quickly to his surroundings. In a online shooter the player can have almost 200 degrees of surround graphics with a SLI configured card and with 3 screens connected. This makes it easier for the player to spot anyone trying to outflank the player. which is why certain players would be better then other as some people will have better equipment then others. In race car situations this type visual format the player would be a lot more engaged in the game. Certainly with 3D gaming the player can now enjoy depth of vision and peripheral vision at the same time with race games.
Since E3 and the wii u disappointing software no show the next gen multi screen idea might not be a tablet gaming idea. But instead a possible xbox smart glass idea to transfer movies and games from the big screen in your living room to a mobile device like tablet or smart phone.

Whatever multi screen idea bought to the entertainment arena, whether it is realistic peripheral and depth of vision. Holographic, Or portable screens for continued continuity, the end user will be shaped in a way that multiple screen seem to do. The screen is to attract our attention and possibly distract our focus. While some might say that they also lowers our attention span and focus.
I am incline to think that screens will be forever increasing to attract attention to adverts and billboards. In trains and waiting areas. The screen will be a hypnotic box in the corner of almost every waiting area you encounter. On our way to dystopia multi screens will sign post the way and discreetly inform us on all kinds of data.

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