Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mean while in the land of 2D

I am taking a break from 3D, I got other things to worry about then compatibility issues like paying bills on time or the fact I have to "pant the fence" this month its not a Danny Larusso euphemism, it's simply that I have to weather proof the wooden fence around the garden and do a few other chores while the sun is shining. I am also turn my mind to filming normal stuff in 2d like the fact I could try my style of music video (this time in HD) on my own music besides filming The invisible operators.

Lately people have been filming them selves while sing cover songs or even original stuff and I have been neglecting to have ago. Ok I probably scare little children away with my face. But if I don't look directly into the camera and give my medusa smile into the already strained lens. I might pull off a semi reasonable performance. Trouble with a stationary camera, is that it looks boring and I am wondering how to boost a good video into something better.
I guess I need a friend to help with my shots. if I was to ask him to walk around the subject with a camera stabilizer and have smooth images. Personally i love those sweeping shots when a cameraman just glides his camera. These traveling shots and movements along with a stationary camera is the bread a butter tools, a music video uses to at least make the song interesting.

I like to over indulge these shots with saturated color and keying out certain areas to have many images mixed together. I really enjoyed editing The invisible operators with a carbonizer and other effects. I wanted to get a unique take of the stage performance. The fact that anyone in a spot light need to captivate the audience and that the performer has to express themselves to make it look interesting for the audience.

On film I allow two images to blend in and out of the attention of the viewer makes it interesting. along with saturated colors and a cartoon like quality I hope it wasn't too flashy for anyone who looks at it. Anyway I wouldn't say I found a winning formula but I like to think some images I done might give me some sort of respect.

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