Monday, 4 June 2012

The social network way to gain popularity

The cost of fame can be too high for some people, its hard to figure out on a chart where popularity hits a peak and then falls faster then a video fail. I cant even be bothered to analyze the crazy roller coaster of my own life let alone someone else's success and failures. Not unless I am trying to find something interesting on a slow news day like today.

Lately its been plaguing my subconscious, like a tapeworm larva in the infected beef of daily news. I have been will fully ignoring the roller coaster ride of Internet companies. I say that and yet now I write this shameful blog I am relaying on these companies to get my message out there.

I have Reverbnation whose social interaction of the Bands and the fans that follow them relay on the daily updates and connections to keep my popularity up. This is because selling my music can't just stop when I mix down my last song on the album. I have to push my music files out to anyone who has ears and is willing to listen. Sending out to ITunes and other online music distributor's, is the first stage of the process. Even to share the news and try to make constant status updates to create Internet traffic my way. (See how to sell your music online)
I also have to make sure the lines of communications connects with people, so using twitter and other social networks helps. Using web sites like Headliner.FM where I acquire followers if I trade their support for virtual band bucks. The people I regularly trade I keep as friends and join them and visa versa.

The whole acquisition of friends and followers then become a marketable commodity for those who trade their popularity for money if you monetise your web site or have a Album to sell. How many times have I heard some film star selling their knickers or perfume. Because I seen some badly filmed porn of them and a ex-boyfriend. Either way if you have fame hold on to your twitter account and monetise that thing.

Or if you are just starting like me and have no home grown porn, instead have a face like a ogre, and haven't a clue to get followers. Then do something that you like doing, for me I liked making music and now I like writing badly written Blogs about how I feel about a technology.
Eventually banging your head against the wall. The massive blood lost will hopefully get you an ambulance, and you be going somewhere.

Its a long road to drive if I was to blog, people complain if their stories don't get enough traffic and with no improvement. But like the tape worm metaphor, that cute larva with grow up to be in someones gut and become some urban legend. I am hoping that I might grow interest with peoples reading material and spark a
regular following.
Call this a extended tweet if you will, and see that people are comfortable in saying what ever nonsense comes to mind. I like informative nonsense, somewhere in this blog I am saying keep knocking on peoples digital doors and sell your fruit and vegetables. Eventually you will get a small group of followers. And one day I'll be able to sell my Album online and wear that false name tag professional musician on my RESUME

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