Saturday, 9 June 2012

Trolls, haters and cyber bullies

Do you like to troll? do you think of the consequences when slagging someone off. It seems to me people need to vent and the fact of the matter some jokes are or not as good as people think when it spreads.
When faceless icons on a chat forum starts to spout out lots of crap, make me think how lame do you have to be, to shout at the world.
I have a different sense of humour to most friends and still don't like the sick hate humour most of my male friends like to shout about. I always feel uncomfortable when race issues are used to as comedic material  especially when the joke teller isn't a comedian.
The worst are the people who don't know they are doing it. I consider their personality  close to a block of cheese with comedic material from Bernard manning
( a racist northern comedian that wasn't really funny in the 70's)

Most people are like this tell lame jokes for the sake of being social. I find comedic banter is always on the foreground for small talk. weather I am going on about my favorite sandwich place or my top ten dessert island emergency kits, I find its best to sell the idea with a smile and several jokes.

But even conversations have a face to face aspect to it. When you put your self out there to be ridiculed, and you can not face your accuser then it becomes something else. Its worst when there seems to be a steady stream of insults and from many different people. Call it a digital stoning, where you are accused of something and you are marched to the town square and they proceed to throw stones at you.

Things got much worst for kids as social networks allow better communication but also means being more vulnerable to attack. I've said it before and I'll say it again kids are little shits for picking out the worst and exploiting that to make a joke.

But consider that the brain is still developing right up until the teenage years you have to reconsider that these people are not in their right minds.

The grey brain matter is infrequent in kids, which usually means there are lots of temporary connections, these pre-adults have. Its when you learn skills as a teenager and constantly use them do you make those temporary connections permanent thus white matter will turn to grey matter. Also teenager have to deal with hormonal changes which help to develop their body's for procreation.
This manifests in mood swings and outbursts. Having to deal with mood swings and under developed brains having growth spurts, which manifests as miscalculating risks and taking chances.
The two go hand in hand for trouble making and general stupidity, with this in mind you can go on to see reason why cyder bullying is growing.
Trolls are faceless underdeveloped hormonally imbalanced  people, and thats just the medical side of their description.

We can, I suppose raise their comments and taking their insults like poison and wait for our selves to die inside. It maybe normal to take the word for every stranger and live with it emotionally. But most people would just block out the offending statement and move on with their lives. Teenage cyber victims should be aware that things mean a lot at the time.
And best not go in the den filled with lions if you are allergic to cats.
In other words dont social network if you think you are likely to be a victim. Or try not take hurtful words to heart as it will cause undue stress.

Facebook have an incident where Nicola Brooks has a high court order to reveal the names of her cyber bullies, hopefully to prosecute  her trolls. This might be the first of many incidences of  retaliation from cyber billies and hopefully might bring about a new way of policing social networks. I would welcome that but if I was to be honest I would allow the ability to vote block every bully from using the internet and let them cope with the real world...

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