Sunday, 10 June 2012

Woman, Adverts and how to sell stuff

I gonna have to apologise for today's entry, the fact is its politically impolite to think of people as objects of desire. While the geek in me would think of technology and shiny things as the main precious items of desire. In normal circumstances I would agree, but the basic instincts of an bloke would prefer to think of the fairer sex. Birds, ladies women who look pretty, stimulates more then gadget lust.

In the news papers and general media, it seems normal to see women as sexually appealing. As consumers, it mostly appears that a beautiful lady would sell more then an ugly person. Studies have shown that sex sells considerably more low risk products on impulse buying. High risk product, or bank services, appliances and utility products are not effected. Magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Esquire, Playboy, Newsweek and Time
have 20% of its ads containing sexual imagery. This has changed over time as well with the figures at 15% in 1983 and 27% in 2003 using sex to sell all kinds of consumer products.
 Its more scary that 92% of beauty adverts use models and 7% are male models. This whole idea of beauty to sell crap, has distorted my idea of women. Its gets to the point that you are always looking for something better or prettier.
Its cool to have fantasy and to think nice thoughts about the opposite sex, from time to time. But I find it harder to see what is naturally beautiful, in a society that puts false beauty first.

One of the regular conversations I have with male friends is, what do I look for in a woman?. I have to go with red hair as a main feature. Mainly because I used to fancy a friends older sister and she was one of those unobtainable real person you would try to reach( a first crush). After that comes the facial features and hair , boobs and height.
Nowadays the conversation would be, which is currently attractive?. I would say the quirky girls tend to tickle my fancy Zooley Deschannel (the new girl, hitch hiker guide to the galaxy) or anyone with a personality. While most would go for looks or sex appeal.

The whole "locker conversation" about women, tends to be about banging this chick or screwing that woman.
These conversations have me bored, because it never evolves other then the scenarios on how you would try to have sex. But the majority of people who go to the movies or watch adverts right up until the end are ruled by sex appeal. That's why I like foreign films, which have a real life like quality about them.

Going on dates and meeting people builds up your confidence, to talk all kinds of crap. Most women I picked up, like the fact when I talk to them. I take what ever subject and turn it to a funny story. Usually its a lie. the story comes form an obscure tv plot line. Meeting people in the real world makes me forget the false beauty thing and restores me to normal parameters of what I go for in a woman. Thats unless she is exaggerating her beauty herself with boob jobs and other cosmetic surgery.

The main thing is that false beauty is a male conversation stopper. I had interviews with potential bosses with boobs popping through their shirts and all I can think was little else.
That's why I act cool and think several moves ahead to stop this weird lusty feeling, which was actually pre-programmed into me when watching adverts, films and anything else with a model in it.
At C.E.S. or the gadget show live or any convention selling tech or comics you will see hot booth babes or real nice looking Cosplay women that will distort your sexual reality.
For me its best to know the game, to see that sex sells in any business. If that doesn't grab your attention doesn't then looking successful, or having a funny personality comes close.

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