Monday, 11 June 2012

WWDC 2012, what's it all about

The World wide Developer's Conference will start tomorrow, which means Apple have a new crazy dance step to do. And some of the fan boys are gong to be in front and centre studying the new mash potato.
The whole company have secrets that are strictly enforced until tomorrow. The whole Steve jobs legacy has created a showmanship ring master effect to the company. And with this void where he'd stood comes this WWDC, with no proper ringmaster is to me a test if the company can still sail in these troubled waters.

I like to think when we start a business we need to get a little crazy, have the balls and personality to do something. Its usually a balance of that, when I look at my sisters former shop. She would just talk to the costumers and have a good rapport with them. Its a slightly different business model of shop and computer company, but the drive of the business is the same.
So what has Apple got to say and what are they going to launch?.

All the rumours to say they are going to change the following. processor and graphics chip
According to Chinese forum Weiphone, pictures were taken of the graphics and processor board with the same dimensions but with different board components. This means that its likely to be the same aluminum body used for the macbook pro series, will again be used for the newer versions. Only a little space reorganization with be required to place a Nvidia's GeForce GT 650M graphics card with 1GB GDDR5 graphics memory. 

Google maps have been part of the phones function to orientate the user and give a better sense of direction.
Now that apple has announced its own mapping system its going to be awesome (maybe). Apple acquired some companies that perfected mapping and the large data acquire may give apple the confidence to replace Google maps. One company in particular C3 technologies have perfected the multi angle picture software which stitches each angle into a 3d map. This was originally used for missile targeting, and now has been expanded to give clear photo realistic 3d contours over any landscape.

It was Steve jobs intention to have his own mapping system and not use google, who he accused of reverse engineering their phones to come up with Android system. its a logical and inevitable that Apple would make this move, as it would be counter productive to still have a direct competitor to be on their phone system.

Its hard to predict what the real out come of Apples product, The main show stopper would I think is the alternative to google maps. And the fact that there has been healthy competition of Android and Iphone makes it worth while to see if it will accelerate a race for better technology. My own niggles about the neglected Final cut video editing market has me worried. Already 3D high definition has a different codec and its incompatibility to Final cut makes me want to try different systems. Apple may have improve their i7 processors to 3mhz and ungraded their mac book. But I still think they are simplifying their software to the every day consumer. I feel embarrassed to buy final cut x thinking its gonna be a glorified imovie editor.
While I see better and impressive C.G.I. on After effects and photoshop. This constant change may be a sound business model, but I somehow think they might be spreading them selves too thin to cope with many pies they have their fingers in.

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